October 14th
Long Island Families of Teens in Transition
Support Group 
This is your friendly reminder about this month's Family support group.
We look forward to connecting with you!
 Long Island Families of Teens in Transition Support Group

This Long Island Teen support group is for families of teens who are on the autism spectrum. No fee or registration is required. Please check the AHA website for any changes due to holidays or inclement weather. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, October 14th!

Mid-Island Y JCC, Plainview  
45 Manetto Hill Rd.
Saturday, October 14, 11:00am - 1:00pm

Any questions about this group? Contact Pat Schissel at: pats@ahany.org
Future meeting dates can be found on our website: ahany.org  

Support meetings are for adults only. Children are distracting to participants and may not attend. We regret any inconvenience.
Membership in AHA is strongly encouraged. Membership includes discounts at our conferences and other events. Support our work to educate, advocate, and create activities for families and individuals affected by the autism spectrum. Your involvement will also make membership/conference scholarships available to students interested in our field of study, individuals determined to become independent adults, and their families. 
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