PHOTO: Michael Macor SF Chronicle Oct 9, 2017
Let's help our neighbors!
Join us as we battle the blaze together and bring some relief to our friends.

We all know at least one person who has been evacuated or has lost their home due to the tragic fires. Homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, and churches have all been devastated. Thousands of our friends and loved ones are displaced, living in mass shelters, hotels or with friends and family; many with only the clothes they were wearing when evacuated.

Volunteers of America has joined the effort and will begin deploying food, clothing essentials and hygiene products this week.
100% of your gift will go directly to purchase essential items, VOA will not retain any administrative fees.

At this time, we can only accept financial support to purchase essentials for the fire victims, and distribute them immediately.

If you want to volunteer to help pack or transport items please email Elyse Duenas at . As we confirm the distribution or other donation needs in the fire-stricken area we will get the word out through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram .

Thank you for your support, please continue to pray for everyone impacted by this tragic fire. Together, we can strengthen our community and instill hope in those who are suffering.
God Bless,

Leo McFarland
CEO / President
Volunteers of America Northern California & Northern Nevada